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#20 - Install a Fire Alarm Bell in 6 Easy Steps

Posted by Jason Hugo on 7/7/2013
Fire alarm bells are one of the most critical components of any fire protection system. They alert occupants to a fire by sounding a loud alarm when the very first fire sprinkler activates. To ensure the bell alerts occupants in the case of an emergency, it is critical that your fire protection system not only have one or more alarm bells installed but also that they are mounted properly. In this blog, we lay out 6 easy steps to follow when mounting your fire alarm bell

Step 1: First thing you should ensure when mounting an alarm bell is the distance between floor and ceiling. Bells should be mounted at a minimum 8 feet from the floor and as close to the ceiling as possible. 

Step 2: Next, you need to remove the gong or the red bowl that encompasses an alarm bell. Removing the gong is very easy – on the front of the bell, in or near the center depending on the bell’s size, is a short bolt. Loosen the bolt and gently remove the gong. 

Remove Fire Alarm Bell's Gong
Removing the Alarm Bell's Gong

Step 3: After removing the gong , the next step is to connect the wiring. We’ve included a handy wiring guide below and on each bell product page. 

Alarm Bell Wiring Guide

Step 4: Next, you need to mount the bell to its back box. Back boxes protect your alarm bell’s wiring from dirt, dust, and debris. Especially critical if you’re mounting your alarm bell outside – wind and rain will quickly short the bell’s wiring if not protected properly. Mounting a bell and back box is very simple. With the gong removed, there are four holes that align the bell’s housing unit with the back box. Simply fasten and tighten. The back box’s gasket will form an air and water-tight seal. 

Installing an Alarm Bell's Back Box
Installation Requires a Philip's Head Screw Driver

Step 5: After mounting the bell on its back box, go ahead and reinstall the gong. There are two holes on the gong itself – make sure they align with the positioning pins on the bell’s housing unit and re-tighten the bolt you removed in step 2. 

Align the Positioning Pins
Align the Positioning Pins to Ensure Proper Installation

Step 6: Finally, test the bells for proper operation. Make sure they are audible in all areas designated by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. 

At QRFS, we are proud to carry a complete line of alarm bells in 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch in either 120 volt or 24 volt. All bells sold at QRFS are UL listed and covered in thick fire-engine-red enamel to avoid weathering. Check them out here.

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Date 12/12/2013
Terry Disbennett
I have a Amseco 24 volt dc fire bell. I am looking for a replacement, will your Item AB06-24 V be good replacement item.
Date 6/22/2016
Noel A Mendoza
I'm looking for the correct distance between two fire alarm bell, what is the minimum distance to consider

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