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#36 - Fire Sprinkler Head Guard: Protect Your Fire Sprinklers

Posted by Jason Hugo on 1/22/2016 to Fire Sprinkler System Components
We all know fire sprinklers protect your business or home in the event of a fire. But what protects the sprinkler? A fire sprinkler head guard!

Physical damage to a fire sprinkler head, either by accident or intention, is the most common reason for a fire sprinkler to discharge absent a fire. Our customers tell us about sprinklers damaged by a rogue basketball inside a gymnasium or a clumsy forklift operator inside a warehouse. While no amount of physical protection will stop all unintentional discharges, adding fire sprinkler head guards - or sprinkler cages - to your pendent, upright, or horizontal sidewall sprinklers will provide a critical layer of protection.

At QRFS, we offer three fire sprinkler head guard models: standard, recessed, and standard with a baffle.  All clamp around the base of the sprinkler frame and provide an inch or more of protective metal wiring around the sprinkler. 


A standard sprinkler cage is used on upright sprinklers or non-recessed pendent or horizontal sidewall sprinklers. In simpler terms, if you can see the base of the sprinkler frame then this is the right headguard to choose. A fire-engine red standard head guardchrome standard head guard, and white standard head guard are available to meet your aesthetic preferences. 

Red Standard HeadguardChrome Standard HeadguardWhite Standard Headguard


A recessed head guard  is for - you guessed it! - recessed sprinklers. If you can see only the top half of the sprinkler's frame, then this is the right head guard for the job. Due to its innovative design, this head guard provides protection for the part of the sprinkler exposed below the ceiling and extra cushion around the recessed bottom half of the frame. The recessed head guard is available in a chrome finish. 

Chrome Recessed Headguard

Standard with Baffle

The standard head guard with a baffle is most often used on sprinklers mounted in pallet racks or shelving. Its purpose is two-fold: to protect the sprinkler, like the standard or recessed head guard, but also to stop water from a discharging sprinkler mounted on a higher shelf from touching the heat element on the protected sprinkler. Why is this important? Water conducts heat differently than air. The goal of a sprinkler is to activate at a specified temperature. If that sprinkler's heat element is wet it can change the activation temperature. During a fire event, this can be the difference between a controllable or uncontrollable fire. In other words, life or death! The standard head guard with a baffle is available in fire engine red. 

Red Standard Headguard with Baffle

A common question is what size sprinklers will the headguards offered by QRFS fit -  1/2" (5.6K) or 3/4" (8.0K) or both? The answer is BOTH. All models we offer fit either sprinkler size as demonstrated by the picture below.

All Headguards Fit Both Half Inch and Three-Quarter Inch Sprinklers

 The bottom line - fire sprinklers, like nearly everything else, can be damaged. Adding fire sprinkler headguards is an inexpensive way to protect your sprinklers! 


Date 10/24/2016
Joseph Valent
I just move in to my new residence and in the garage I have 5 sprinkle heads without guards. I'm scared that one of these days I'll hit them with some tall object. Don't know the model#,but I could supply a picture or if they are stamped I'll get the # Please let me know the cost. Thank you. Joe.

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