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#84 -- What is Hydrostatic Testing of a Building’s Fire Protection System?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 11/23/2017 to Contractor Tools
Learn how and when hydrostatic testing is conducted on standpipes and sprinkler systems. 

#73 -- Fasteners in a Fire Sprinkler System: Benefits, Considerations, and Types

Posted by Jason Hugo and Anna Hartenbach on 9/7/2017 to Contractor Tools
In this article, we’ll dive further into the world of fasteners. We’ll get a better understanding of what they are and how to use them, look at the guidelines provided by the NFPA, and explore available options.

#63 - Which Hand Held Digital Tachometer is Right For Me?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 5/16/2017 to Contractor Tools
Contact or contact-less? That is the question. In this article, we explore the differences between contact and contact-less handheld digital tachometers and share our recommended model that balances price with reliability and functionality.