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#114 - Which Size Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon Do I Need? Half-Inch vs. Three-Quarter

Posted by Jason Hugo on 6/26/2018 to Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons
Escutcheons that surround fire sprinkler heads are not just decorative —
they prevent smoke and heat from escaping into a wall or ceiling and NFPA requires that you replace damaged or missing escutcheons. QRFS explains how to size an escutcheon to make sure a replacement matches your fire sprinkler.

#111 - What Facility Managers Need to Inspect on a Fire Sprinkler System, Part 1

Posted by Jason Hugo on 6/5/2018 to Fire Sprinkler Cover Plates
Regular inspections are required to keep commercial fire sprinkler systems working and up to code. In the first part of a series, QRFS explains the steps involved in the annual visual inspection of fire sprinkler heads.

#108 - The Benefits of Institutional Fire Sprinklers in Correctional Facilities and Secure Environments

Posted by Jason Hugo on 5/15/2018 to Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons
Tamper-resistant fire sprinklers are essential in prisons, jails, mental health facilities, and other secured environments. QRFS explains how institutional fire sprinkler heads can help prevent vandalism, suicide, accidental discharges and other incidents that involve tampering with an automatic fire safety system.

#78 -- Which Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon Do I Need?

Posted by Jason Hugo and Anna Hartenbach on 10/12/2017 to Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons
In this article, we’ll learn (and see) what an escutcheon is, what it does, and why they’re necessary. Furthermore, we’ll explore the different types and how to replace them.