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Grooved Flange | 4"  Flange - QuikFlange™
Grooved Flange | 4" Flange - QuikFlange™

Grooved Flange | 4" Flange - QuikFlange™

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Part Number:GRFLA400
QuikFlange – 4” Flange
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Modgal QuikCoup®
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7.9 lbs/per piece
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Flange Data Sheet





You won't find a better grooved line on the planet! 

Two piece hinged casing grooved-to-flange adapter is designed for direct connection of ANSI class 125, 150 and ISO 7005-1 class PN 10/6 standards flanged components into a grooved pipe system. 

Product: Modgal QuikFlange – 4" Flange

Product Description: 

4" Hinged Flange

The hole-spacing is standard and enable standard flanged items to be easily and rapidly assembled to the grooved pipe.  The hinged halves are drawn together into the pipe end-groove with a built-in arrangement especially required when the pipe end is out-of-round.

The unique design of the gasket inserted into the the QuikFlange ensures a closed seal between the pipe and the mating flange face.

QuikFlange provides a rigid joint when all bolts have been tightened.  

UL Listed, FM Approved, LPCB 

Maximum working pressure:  20 bar 

Imported from Israel

Painted bright red

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