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Tamper Switch PSP1 Plug-In Special Purpose Supervisory Switch by System Sensor
Tamper Switch PSP1 Plug In Special Purpose Supervisory Switch from System Sensor

Tamper Switch PSP1 Plug-In Special Purpose Supervisory Switch by System Sensor

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Part Number:ELSSPSP1
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Tamper Switch PSP1 Plug-In Special Purpose Supervisory Switch is a special application supervisory switch designed for applications where no other type of listed valve supervisory switch can be installed. Approved for Class A and Class B circuits, the PSP1 is to be used on non-rising stem gate valves and ball and angle valves.

Features a rugged, rain-tight metal housing and 360ï¾° versatile mounting design with adjustable length cord. May be used either indoor or outdoor.

When the valve wheel is turned, the PSP1's supervisory cord will pull the plug out of the jack which closes a set of normally open contacts. A lockout feature prevents reinsertion of the cord until the cover is removed and the unit is reset. Removal of the cover or cutting of the cord results in an open circuit. Features tamper-resistant screws on the housing.

Standard 3-year warranty.

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Physical/Electrical Specifications


4 3/4" L x 3" W x 2 1/2" D(12 cm x 7.5 cm x 5.6 cm)

Dimensions with Bracket

8 1/2" L (21.5 cm)

Shipping Weight

1.7 lbs. (0.8 kgs)

Operating Temperature Range

-4ï¾°F to 149ï¾°F (-20ï¾°C to 65ï¾°C)

Enclosure Rating

NEMA 3 UL Indoor/Outdoor Rated

Cover Tamper Switch



2 wire, 18 guage weatherproof, 8 feet long (2.4m)

Operating Voltage

6/12/24V AC/DC

Maximum Operating Current

250 mA

More Information about the PSP1 Tamper Switch by System Sensor:

Data Sheet

Product Manual

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