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+Jason Hugo

#112 - A Guide to Fire Department Connection (FDC) Sizes and Threading

Posted by Jason Hugo on 6/12/2018 to Fire Department Connection
Fire Department Connections and their replacement parts must be compatible with the specific hoses and connections used by your local fire department. QRFS explains how to determine the right size and thread for your FDC and its components.

#82 -- Common Types of Threads Used in Fire Hose and Fire Department Connections: NPT, NST, and More!

Posted by Jason Hugo and Anna Hartenbach on 11/9/2017 to Fire Department Connection
In this article, we’ll dive into thread standards and thread sizing. We’ll travel back into history to gain a better understanding of thread sizes, learn what standards are used today, and show you what solutions are available to ensure you get the right threads for your fire protection job.