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#1 - Fire Sprinklers: Standard Response vs Quick Response

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/28/2016 to How a Fire Sprinkler Works
Standard response and quick response fire sprinklers both deliver life and property saving fire protection. So what's the difference? Their mission. Learn more by reading the Standard Response vs Quick Response blog.

#39 - What is a Tamper Switch for Fire Protection Systems?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/19/2016 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
Tamper switches are an essential component in a modern fire protection system. But what exactly is a tamper switch and where are they used? We've got the scoop in our Introduction to Fire Protection Tamper Switches blog.

#38 - Fire Sprinkler Covers vs Escutcheons: The Definitive Guide

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/5/2016 to Fire Sprinkler System Components
The fire sprinkler industry is full of jargon - or words only the industry really understands. Understanding this sub-language is very important when ordering new or replacement parts. Therefore, this blog provides The Definitive Guide to Fire Sprinkler Covers vs. Sprinkler Escutcheons.