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Fire Hose Care Tips

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Fire Hose Care Tips:

Tip 1: Fire hose should be handled with care. Avoid dragging it over sharp or abrasive surfaces. Avoid running hose over with equipment or kinking fire hose.

Tip 2: Fire hose should be used at or below its rated working pressure. Any increases in pressure should be made gradually to avoid excessive water surges which could damage hose.

Tip 3: A visual inspection and hydrostatic testing of hose should be performed at periodic intervals to ensure hose is suitable for continued service. Visual inspection of fire hose should look for loose covers or kinks. Please see NFPA 1962, current edition, for more information on hydrostatic testing of fire hose.

Tip 4: Couplings should be visually inspected periodically for wear and tear. Ensure gaskets are not cracked or missing.

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