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#98 - Spray Nozzles: How They Work and How To Choose One

Posted by Jason Hugo on 3/1/2018 to Fire Hose
Our previous blog looked at fire hose, covering what you need to know when purchasing or maintaining them. But it’s the nozzles at the end of each fire hose that make it possible for firefighters to safely and thoroughly extinguish a blaze. This post covers fire hose nozzles, thread types, cleaning, and maintenance so you can be sure that you are using the correct nozzle for the job, and that it is ready to go.

#97 - Attack Line and Supply Hose: How to Source the Best Fire Hose

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/22/2018 to Fire Hose
The best fire hoses efficiently move water, and lots of it. But no two kinds of hose are exactly alike. Each is constructed with a specific purpose in mind, whether that’s moving water from a hydrant to a pump or enabling crews in a building to extinguish an active blaze. These purposes can impact less safety-driven uses of fire hose such as filling a pool, washing a parking lot, farm irrigation, or simply moving large volumes of water.  In this guide we’ll cover basic types and features, the materials that separate the best hose from the worst, and what you need to do to keep the hose you’ve got fully functional.

#82 -- Common Types of Threads Used in Fire Hose and Fire Department Connections: NPT, NST, and More!

Posted by Jason Hugo and Anna Hartenbach on 11/9/2017 to Fire Department Connection
In this article, we’ll dive into thread standards and thread sizing. We’ll travel back into history to gain a better understanding of thread sizes, learn what standards are used today, and show you what solutions are available to ensure you get the right threads for your fire protection job. 

#62 - What is an Underwriters Playpipe and What is it Used For?

Posted by Jason Hugo and Anna Hartenbach on 5/5/2017 to Fire Hose
This article explores the history of the Underwriters Playpipe and its significance, uses, types, and benefits. 

#60 - Double Jacket Fire Hose Comparison: 2 inch Fire Hose vs. 1¾ inch vs. 1½ inch:

Posted by Jason Hugo and Courtney Montanye on 12/16/2016 to Fire Hose
A comprehensive guide to the three main double jacket fire hose sizes used as attack line hose: 2 inch, 1.75 inch, and 1.5 inch.

#51 - What is a Hydrant Pressure Test?

Posted by Jason Hugo & Cameron Sharp on 6/24/2016 to Fire Hose
Hydrant pressure tests ensure a city's water distribution and fire hydrants are in working condition and up to code. They determine the pressure and rate of flow at any point in a city's water distribution system. 

#21 - Useful Life of Fire Hose: Is It Time To Replace?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 9/10/2013 to Fire Hose
Identifying the useful life of fire hose requires navigating OSHA and NFPA guidelines and ultimately determining what is best for your business or department. This blog points you in the right direction.

#8 - Proper cleaning, use, storage, testing, and inspection of fire hose

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/7/2013 to Fire Hose
Learn a broad overview concerning the proper cleaning, use, storage, testing, and inspection of fire hose.

#7 - Buying Superior fire hose from QRFS: advantages, disadvantages, and price comparisons

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/5/2013 to Advantages of QRFS
Advantages and disadvantages of buying fire hose, and more specifically Superior Fire Hose, from QRFS. Includes price comparisons!