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#70 -- Fire Sprinkler Head Replacement Cabinet: How to Make a Sprinkler Kit

Posted by Jason Hugo and Anna Hartenbach on 8/17/2017 to Fire Sprinkler Regulatory
In this article, we'll help you decide what items you need in your fire sprinkler head replacement cabinet, where to store it, and the requirements it must meet.

#26 - Why are College Students NOT Protected from Fire in Dorm Rooms Across America?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 10/15/2013 to Fire Sprinkler Regulatory
Algebra 101: If colleges bring in over $360 Billion dollars in revenue annually and over 3,000 fires are started in college housing in that same time period, how much of their revenue should be dedicated to ensuring students are adequately protected from fire? You don't need to know Calculus to understand the benefits - just read today's blog!

#11 - Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition - Industry Leader Spotlight

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/19/2013 to Fire Sprinkler Regulatory
Learn about the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition and all the great work they do promoting the residential fire sprinkler industry.

#5 - Millions are being spent to misinform you about fire sprinklers

Posted by Jason Hugo on 1/29/2013 to Fire Sprinkler Regulatory
The epic battle between consumer choice and personal safety as it relates to fire sprinklers.