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#58 - Which Fire Sprinkler Head Cover Plate Do I Need?

Posted by Jason Hugo and Courtney Montanye on 11/4/2016 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
Finding the right cover plate for you fire sprinkler is easier than you think.  In this blog, learn how to remove your current cover plate, figure out the manufacturer, and find the correct one for your fire sprinkler today!

#45 - How to Clean Dirty Fire Sprinklers?

Posted by Jason Hugo & Cameron Sharp on 5/6/2016 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
How to clean fire sprinkler heads? Great question! Read this blog to learn about the safety and health implications of dirty fire sprinklers, your options for replacing or cleaning the heads, and the BEST option for cleaning fire sprinkler heads. 

#1 - Fire Sprinklers: Standard Response vs Quick Response

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/28/2016 to How a Fire Sprinkler Works
Standard response and quick response fire sprinklers both deliver life and property saving fire protection. So what's the difference? Their mission. Learn more by reading the Standard Response vs Quick Response blog.

#39 - What is a Tamper Switch for Fire Protection Systems?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/19/2016 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
Tamper switches are an essential component in a modern fire protection system. But what exactly is a tamper switch and where are they used? We've got the scoop in our Introduction to Fire Protection Tamper Switches blog.

#35 - Can I Mount a Fire Alarm Bell Outside?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 1/8/2016 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
Can I mount a fire alarm bell outside? Read this informational blog to find the answer. 

#14 - Can I paint my fire sprinkler cover plates?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 3/12/2013 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
Can I paint my fire sprinkler system's cover plates? The answer is no. Read this blog to find out why and what options are available to you!

#12 - What is a Flow Switch or Water Flow Detector in a Fire Sprinkler System?

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/26/2013 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
In this edition of the Fire Sprinkler System Components series, we discuss a water flow detector, or flow switch. What is it? How does it work? Why is it there?

#10 - How a Fire Sprinkler Works: Thermal Sensitivity

Posted by Jason Hugo on 2/14/2013 to How a Fire Sprinkler Works
A fire sprinkler's heat sensitivity is a product of it's frangible glass bulb. Learn more about that bulb in this blog post.

#6 - Uncommon Fire Sprinkler System Malfunctions

Posted by Jason Hugo on 1/31/2013 to Fire Sprinkler Systems
A look at the most common, yet extremely rare, fire sprinkler system malfunctions and how the industry has responded.