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Lenox Hole Saw Blade - 1 1/4"
Lenox Bi-Metal Hole Saw Blade - 1 1/4"

Lenox Hole Saw Blade - 1 1/4"

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Part Number:LHSB125
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LHSB125Cut perfect round holes Usually ships within 48 hours

Product Details

Lenox 1 1/4" Hole Saw Blade features perfect variable pitch, high-speed 1 1/4-inch hole cutting in wood, metal, steel and PVC. Updated design is 10% taller than previous models and comes standard with T2 technology, effectively doubling the useful life!

Features SPEED SLOT®, their signature stair-step side slot makes it simple to remove plugs. 

The perfect companion to the Pilot Clamp

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