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Pitot Gauge Kits for Water Flow Testing

When your job requires a water flow test, you need a reliable Pitot Gauge Kit

If your job requires a fire hydrant or other water flow test, our world-class pitot gauge kits will help you get the job done accurately and on-time. Whether you choose our most popular option - the Inspector's Choice Pitot Gauge that weighs only 14 ounces - or any of our others, your new Pitot Gauge will arrive with a high-quality, extremely accurate gauge with standard quick disconnect, nickel-plated pitot tube, Teflon tape, and a carrying case capable of holding two gauges at the same time!

All pitot gauge kits available on QRFS.com are assembled in the U.S.A!

Learn more about Pitot gauges: What is a hydrant pressure test?  How to use a Pitot gauge for hydrant flow tests: Follow these 9 easy steps.
Pitot Gauge Kits for Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

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