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Recessed Two Piece Escutcheon - Chrome 1/2" Large
Chrome Large Recessed Two Piece Escutcheon - 1/2" Sprinkler

Recessed Two Piece Escutcheon - Chrome 1/2" Large

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Recessed Escutcheon | 1/2” Large Chrome

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This chrome 1/2" large recessed escutcheon fits 1/2" fire sprinkler heads and is very useful for improving the appearance of the sprinklers in your building. With a large chrome recessed escutcheon, the sprinkler head can be set to a depth of 1 1/2" within the ceiling but still covered and aesthetically pleasing.

Escutcheons are needed for covering the gap between the fire sprinkler head and the drywall or ceiling tile. When installing a fire sprinkler system, a hole needs to be cut in the ceiling to accommodate the sprinkler heads. This hole needs to be covered for practical and aesthetic reasons. Smoke and heat can escape the room through the hole in the ceiling, which delays the activation of the fire sprinkler head. The escutcheon covers the hole, which expedites the sprinkler system response time.  

Fits 1/2" sprinkler heads

This escutcheon is made of aluminum with a chrome plated finish.

For more information on which sprinkler escutcheon is right for you, check out our blog post about fire sprinkler escutcheons: Which Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon Do I Need?

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