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Reliable (Rasco) G4 / G4A / G5 Black Cover Plate Assembly 135 Degree
Reliable G4 / G5 BLACK Sprinkler Cover Plate

Reliable (Rasco) G4 / G4A / G5 Black Cover Plate Assembly 135 Degree

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Part NumberTemperaturesApprovals / Listings
RLG4BL135° F (57° C)UL, ULc, FM
Cover Plate FinishesFire SprinklerStock Status
BlackG4 / G4A / G5Black - In Stock

Reliable Model G4, G4A and G5 fire sprinkler cover plate available online in BLACK! 

Need to replace a Reliable G4, G4A or G5 or Rasco G4 fire sprinkler cover plate? You've found the right cover! 

This model cover plate fits the following Reliable Fire Sprinklers:

AG5654 AG5604RA0914RA0612R2111R7146R2112

Reliable G4 / G4A / G5 fire sprinkler cover plate is available online in one temperature:

135° F, 57° C

Reliable G4 / G4A / G5 fire sprinkler concealer plate available online in three finishes:

White Painted, Chrome, Black, Off-White

*Other colors available by special request. All special request cover plates are special order and are non-refundable, non-returnable.

Fire sprinkler cover plate listings:

UL Listed, ULc Listed, NYC Approved

Like all cover plates, when this model G4 / G4A / G5 cover reaches a specified temperature the solder holding the decorative exterior of the cover plate to its frame melts and the two separate. Recommended cover plate temperature is at a minimum 20° F cooler than the sprinkler head itself ensuring adequate separation time prior to sprinkler activation. 

Fire Sprinkler Helpful Tips:

Tip 1: When replacing cover plates it is important to purchase replacements from the same manufacturer as the fire sprinkler. Each manufacturer's plate is a little different in size, color, etc. Manufacturer and temperature of a cover plate is printed on the base of the plate requiring removal to inspect. Most cover plates are either twist off or pull off.

Tip 2: It is recommended that a qualified professional replaces fire sprinklers or in any other way modify a fire sprinkler system.

Tip 3: Spare fire sprinkler heads and a wrench should be accessible at all times in a facility with a commercial fire sprinkler system installed. Often state regulations apply, too. Check with your local fire department.

Tip 4: Fire sprinkler systems should be visually inspected often and professionally inspected annually.

Reliable G4 Fire Sprinkler Data Sheet (Downloads a MS Word Document)

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