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Shutgun | Shut Off Fire Sprinklers Fast!
Original Shutgun

Shutgun | Shut Off Fire Sprinklers Fast!

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SG100 164° F (73° C)

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Yellow Enamel 1 lb / piece See the Full Shutgun Selection

The tool every building needs to avert a wet mess: Shutgun.  Shut down fire sprinklers fast!

When a fire sprinkler activates the only 'off switch' is at the system level. If an accidental impact or other non-fire event occurred, you can avoid unnecessary water damage by shutting the fire sprinkler off with Shutgun. Safe and effective enough for one hand operation, you can use it from a ladder. 

Shutgun Instructions:

1.) Place the jaws of the Shutgun in the opening of the sprinkler head.

2.) Squeeze the Shutgun handles to spread jaws apart. Once the Shutgun jaws are opened fully, they should fit tightly between the deflector and the water source. This may require the handles of the Shutgun to be squeezed multiple times.

3.) Water flow from the activated sprinkler head is shut off, the sprinkler system must be shut off before removing the Shutgun.

4.) After water in the system is shut off, release the Shutgun by holding the handles and pressing the black release lever.

5.) Replace the damaged fire sprinkler and turn the water on for the sprinkler system.

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