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SprinklerVac: Touchless Fire Sprinkler Cleaning!
SprinklerVac: Clean Dirty Fire Sprinklers

SprinklerVac: Touchless Fire Sprinkler Cleaning!

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Finally, you can clean dusty, grimy, spider-web covered fire sprinklers with ease using SprinklerVac! 

Overtime fire sprinklers collect dust, dirt, and cobwebs, turning the office ceiling into an unsightly mess. No longer! With SprinklerVac, your office vacuum turns into a touchless fire sprinkler cleaning system. 

The SprinklerVac's patent-pending design features a one-size-fits-all standard vacuum hose connection and a wide V mouth that fits around the fire sprinkler to suck years of dust and dirt away instantly! Because it is touchless, it does not interfere with the fire sprinkler's operation guaranteeing NFPA and state fire code compliant. The SprinklerVac is so versatile, it works on fire sprinklers, fire sprinklers with headguards, and even smoke detectors!

SprinklerVac is the safest and least expensive way to clean your fire sprinklers. Unlike compressed air solutions, the SprinklerVac's touchless operation will not damage the delicate fire sprinkler bulb (not sure what that is? read here) nor leave behind propellants that can stick to the bulb which encourages additional dust buildup. SprinklerVac works with nearly any fire sprinkler - including those most commonly found in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals!
SprinkleVac Cleans Most Fire Sprinklers!

SprinklerVac: One Size Fits All Vacuums!How to Use the SprinklerVac?

You should always inspect your fire sprinklers for damage PRIOR to using SprinklerVac. If any damage is noticed, please notify maintenance professionals to schedule a full inspection. 

1. Attach the SprinklerVac to your vacuum hose, ensuring it is securely fastened.
2. Assess the size and accessibility of your sprinkler heads to ensure the SprinklerVac will clean them "touchlessly". If it will touch the fire sprinkler, hold the SprinklerVac attachment far enough below the sprinkler head so the SprinklerVac does not touch the fire sprinkler. 
3. Turn the vacuum on.
4. Safely place the SprinklerVac near or over the fire sprinkler. Look through the clear plastic to monitor your placement and cleaning progress. The logo on the SprinklerVac is in the shape of a fire sprinkler. Turn the SprinklerVac around so the logo is facing away from you to use the outline as a guide for better placement.
5. Watch the dust, dirt, and cobwebs whirl away!

Clean up is simple, too! Use warm water to rinse the SprinklerVac and a soft cloth to dry it. 

The SprinklerVac was invented by a retired veteran with over 14 years experience in occupational and health safety. His goal? An NFPA compliant, extremely easy to use solution for cleaning fire sprinkler heads. Result? the touchless SprinklerVac! 

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5 Stars
Director of Plant Operations
I wish I had known about this produce years ago. I use a cordless backpack vacuum to speed things up. No need to touch the sprinkler head. Also I can push it tight against the ceiling and it will clean some of the debris from above the ceiling tiles as well. a the turbulence from the air rushing in around the edges helps knock dirt and dust loose and leave a nice clean head.
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Reviewed by:  from Hospital. on 2/25/2018

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