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Supply Hose

Heavy-duty municipal supply hose from QRFS is the answer to your supply line needs! Supply hose's unique design means more fire hose can be packed into the bed of a standard fire truck - up to 200 feet more! Supply hose packs flat and lays dead straight at full working pressure. Optimized for minimal friction loss enabling longer lines and consistent water pressure. Manufactured from specially formulated synthetic nitrile rubber, this supply hose has excellent resistancy to fuels, chemicals, oils, environmental pollutants, molds, mildews and extreme temperatures. Simply wipe down and return to use!

Supply hose available in red or yellow sizes ranging from 1.5 inch through 5 inch with aluminum rocker lug couplings, brass rocker lug couplings or brass pin lug couplings in either National Standard Thread (NST) or International Pipe Thread (IPT).

Fire departments: wholesale pricing for large quantity supply line orders is available.

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