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 Tyco LFII Residential Sprinkler Cover Plate in Beige 139 Degree
Tyco Beige Cover Plate for LFII Sprinklers

Tyco LFII Residential Sprinkler Cover Plate in Beige 139 Degree

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Tyco RAPID RESPONSE LFII flat fire sprinkler cover plate in BEIGE.

Cover fits quick response residential fire sprinkler model LFII concealed.

Model fits the following Tyco fire sprinklers:

TY2524, TY2596, TY3596

Tyco LFII fire sprinkler cover plate is available online in one temperature:

139° F, 59° C

Find the PERFECT COLOR for your ceiling - choose from five LFII cover plate color options available:

Tyco LFII Cover Plate in White
Bright White
Tyco LFII in Brushed Chrome
Brushed Chrome
Tyco LFII Cover in Grey White
Grey White
Tyco LFII in Ivory
Tyco LFII in Beige

Other colors available by special request. All special request cover plates are not eligible for return and possibly subject to a paint set-up fee.

Fire sprinkler cover plate listings:

UL Listed, ULc Listed, FM Approved

When a cover plate reaches a specified temperature the solder holding the decorative exterior of the cover plate to its frame melts and the two separate. The temperature of the cover plate should be at a minimum 20°F cooler than the sprinkler head itself ensuring adequate separation time prior to sprinkler activation.

Fire Sprinkler Helpful Tips:

Tip 1: When replacing cover plates it is important to purchase replacements from the same manufacturer as the fire sprinkler. Each manufacturer's plate is a little different in size, color, etc. Manufacturer and temperature of a cover plate is printed on the base of the plate requiring removal to inspect. Most cover plates are either twist off or pull off.

Tip 2: It is recommended that a qualified professional replace fire sprinklers or in any other way modify a fire sprinkler system.

Tip 3: Spare fire sprinkler heads and a wrench should be accessible at all times in a facility with a commercial fire sprinkler system installed. Often state regulations apply, too. Check with your local fire department.

Tip 4: Fire sprinkler systems should be visually inspected often and professionally inspected annually.

Tyco Rapid Response Fire Sprinkler Data Sheet

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