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Upright Sprinkler Standard Response 5.6K | AG-66 SR
Upright Sprinkler AG-66 SR 155ï¾° F Brass

Upright Sprinkler Standard Response 5.6K | AG-66 SR

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Part Number Temperature Approvals / Listings
AG66SRUP Red Bulb | 155° F (68° C)
Blue Bulb | 286° F (141° C)
Finishes Shipping Weight Wrenches
Brass .17 lb / piece AG1 Wrench

Product Details

Upright sprinkler standard response 5.6K is one of the most commonly used fire sprinklers in the world. This model AG-66 SR standard response half inch (1/2") upright fire sprinkler combines the durability of a standard sprinkler with the attractive low profile of a decorative sprinkler

The AG-66 SR upright sprinkler is an impressive fire sprinkler that delivers life-saving fire protection reliably while maintaining an attractive appearance

AG-66 SR upright sprinkler is equipped with a five (5) mm heat sensitive frangible glass bulb available in a variety of temperatures

Pendent sprinkler is available online in three temperatures:

155° F (68° C) red bulb, 200° F (93¾° C) green bulb, or 286° F (141° C) blue bulb

360° F is available upon request but not a stock item and is Priced on Availability (POA)

Pendent sprinkler is available online in three finishes:

Brass, Chrome, or White

Chrome and white have a 7-10 day lead time, other finishes available upon request but may be subject to additional charges

AG-66 SR Upright Sprinkler Listings:

UL Listed, ULc Listed, FM Approved, LPCB, VdS Schadenverhtung GmbH

Additional Resources:

5 helpful fire sprinkler replacement tips

Learn more about a fire sprinkler's heat sensitive glass bulb

Difference between standard response and quick response fire sprinklers

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