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1 1/2" Rubber Covered Fire Hose 250 PSI | 75 feet (22.86 m)

75' (22.86 m) of 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) Rubber-Covered Fire Hose lays straight, minimizes friction loss, and resists damage from chemicals, oils and more. This FM-approved hose is available in two colors. Choose from NST or NPSH threads in three coupling styles.

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1 1/2" Rubber Covered Fire Hose 250 PSI | 75 feet (22.86 m)
1 1/2" Rubber Covered Fire Hose 250 PSI | 75 feet (22.86 m)

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    Part NumberHose LengthInside DiameterCoupling Size
    150RC250L075B 75' (22.86 m) 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) 1 1/2" (38.1 mm)
    Coupling ThreadCoupling TypesHose ExteriorPressure
    National Standard Threads (NST/NH) or National Pipe Straight Hose Threads (NPSH/IPT) Aluminum Rocker Lug Couplings, Brass Rocker Lug Couplings, or Brass Pin Lug Couplings Choice of Rubber-Covered Red or Rubber-Covered Yellow 250 PSI Working, 500 PSI Tested
    FM-approved Ships directly from factory - usually 5-10 business days

    Product Description

    75' (22.86 m) of 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) Rubber-Covered Fire Hose minimizes friction loss to maintain pressure at the nozzle even when running long lines, making it perfect for industrial firefighting, moving water to residential fire sprinkler systems, cleaning parking lots, and construction site wash down. This hose will lay straight at full working pressure and arrives stenciled with one-inch lettering indicating the date of manufacture and other details in accordance with NFPA 1962.

    Choose from three coupling styles, two coupling thread options, and one of two colors for this rubber-covered lay-flat hose. 75' (22.86 m) of 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) Rubber-Covered Fire Hose provides more length than 50-foot hose at a lower cost per foot. Greases, oils, seawater, and most chemicals have no effect on the performance of the hose. The synthetic nitrile rubber covering resists damage from fuels, chemicals, and abrasion. This covering also extends the hose's service life by defending against mold, mildew, and other contaminants. These full-flow hoses wipe clean and pack flat for simple cleaning and storage. This hose is FM-approved and comes with Superior Fire Hose's ten year warranty, and exceeds both UL and FM standards for abrasion and wear resistance. Fire hoses usually ship out in 5-10 days but large orders may take longer. High quantity discounts apply. Please contact us with large order inquiries so we can provide a custom quote, either by filling out our contact form or calling us at +1 (888) 361-6662.

    Product Options

    Choose from three coupling types for this Rubber-covered Fire Hose:

    • Aluminum Rocker Lug Couplings
    • Brass Rocker Lug Couplings
    • Brass Pin Lug Couplings

    Aluminum couplings are about one-third the weight of brass and almost twice as strong. Brass, while heavier, offers superior abrasion resistance. Pin-lug hose couplings, available only in brass, can be hand-tightened or secured with a spanner wrench, but may snag when pulled over rough surfaces. Rectangular rocker-lug couplings are beveled to help them pass over obstructions and are available in aluminum or brass.

    This 250 PSI fire hose is available with two 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) coupling thread types:

    • National Standard Threads (NST/NH)
    • National Pipe Straight Hose Threads (NPSH/IPT)

    National Standard Thread, or National Hose Thread, is the most widely-adopted thread standard in the United States. National Pipe Straight Hose is used with discharge hose, low-pressure suction applications, and in other applications for water-based systems.

    The rubber cover for this 75' (22.86 m) 250 PSI Fire Hose is available in two (2) colors:

    • Red
    • Yellow
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