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3/8″ (10 mm) Loos & Co. Low-Pry Fitting for Seismic Cable Bracing | Pack of 5

This Pack of 5 Loos & Co. Low-Pry Fitting Seismic Restraint Clips attach seismic cable bracing to fire sprinkler systems, HVAC equipment, and trapeze supports. Designed for new installations, the LPF3/8 Model features two cable holes, a fastener mount, and an inspection hole to ensure proper installation. Each fitting is UL-listed and proudly made in the United States in compliance with the Buy American Act.
LPF38Zinc-Plated SteelGray
Mounting SizeCompatible Bracing CablesAcceptable Fasteners
3/8″ (10mm)#GO3 (Gold), #GR6 (Green), and #OR4 (Orange)Lag Bolts, Bolts, Threaded Rod, Concrete Anchors
Breaking StrengthApprovals & ListingsAvailability
Maintains Loos & Co. Breaking Strength of Orange (1,700 lb.), Green (4,200 lb.), or Gold (920 lb.) CablesUL Listed, IBC Code & RoHS Compliant, NFPA 13 9.3.5Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

3/8″ Loos & Co. Low-Pry Fitting for Seismic Cable Bracing

Use this pack of 5 low-pry anchoring fittings to secure Loos & Co. seismic bracing cables to a 3/8″ (10 mm) fastener. With a 3/8″ fastener mount, two cable slots, and an inspection hole, each fastener allows contractors to secure Loos-brand cables with the least prying effect on fasteners. To install, insert the cable into the first chamfered hole, wrap it around the cable slot and through the cable exit. Once properly inserted, connect the cable with an appropriate oval sleeve and glance into the inspection hole to make sure no cable is visible. As part of a seismic cable bracing assembly, this fitting can help support fire sprinkler systems, cable trays, HVAC equipment, clevis hangers, and trapeze supports.

These 5 cable bracing clips will accept Gold (#GO3), Green (#GR6), or Orange (#OR4) cables. When applied correctly, the Loos and Co. SAF2 model will maintain the rated break strength of all compatible seismic cables without the need for a thimble and may be used at both ends of the cable for anchoring equipment.

This 3/8″ low-pry seismic anchor is UL-listed, compliant with many national and international building codes, and suitable for installation in accordance with chapter 9.3 of NFPA 13. It is also proudly made in the USA, in full compliance with the Buy American Act, and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive adopted in 2004 by the European Union.

Why should my fire sprinkler system include seismic bracing?

All seismic construction for fire sprinkler systems should be designed and completed by licensed professionals. Seismic support for pipes, especially sprinkler pipes, is critical for two reasons: 1) minimizing stress in piping, and 2) minimizing damaging forces in the event of an earthquake. This is accomplished with a careful balance of flexibility and rigidity in the piping that assures the piping will move with the building, instead of a direction that could cause significant damage to the piping, the building, or its occupants.

Will this clip work for my seismic bracing assembly?

Loos & Co. Seismic Restraint Clip is designed for use in attaching systems and equipment to a structural member using a 3/8″ (10 mm) fastener. The mounting holes will accept Gold (#GO3), Green (#GR6), and Orange (#OR4) cables to maintain breaking strengths up to 4,200 pounds.

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