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3″ x 24″ Self- Adhesive Fire Sprinkler Water Decal | Pipe Markers

This Self-Adhesive Fire Sprinkler Water Decal provides a reliable and clear way to label fire sprinkler pipes. Use self-adhesive Kolbi pipe markers to label pipes between 8″ and 10″ with 2-1/2″ white “SPRINKLER WATER” lettering over a 24″ red background. Adhesive material will withstand temperatures between -40F (4C) and 180F (82C).
SKU Material Dimensions
24X3FSWDD Gloss Vinyl Film 3″ x 24″
Pipe Outer Diameter Letter Size Kolbi Style
8″ to 10″ 2-1/2″ D
Colors Temperature Rating Life Expectancy
Red Background, White Lettering -40F (4C) to 180F (82C) Indoors: Indefinite, Outdoors: 4-6 Years
Quantity Approvals & Listings Availability
One ANSI/ASME A13.1 Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

3″ x 24″ Self-Adhesive “SPRINKLER WATER” Pipe Marker

3″ x 24″ Self-Adhesive Sprinkler Water Decal provide a reliable and clear way to label fire sprinkler pipes. When installing a piping system, standards from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ANSI) recommend that all piping to be labeled according to:

  • The type of piping system
  • The contents of the pipes
  • The direction in which the contents of the pipes flow

These 2″ x 14″ self-adhesive sprinkler water pipe markers feature 2-1/2″ “FIRE SPRINKLER” lettering over a 14″ red background. The decals are constructed using glossy vinyl film, will withstand temperatures between -40F (4C) and 180F (82C), and are ideal for use on 2-1/2″ to 7-7/8″ pipes.

Where do I place these pipe markers?

Self-Adhesive “SPRINKLER WATER” Decals will tell technicians, firefighters, inspectors, and anyone working with the piping system that pipes contain water meant for a fire sprinkler system. However, this pipe marker does not include arrows to communicate the direction of water flow.

The following are locations within a piping system where labels should be used:

  • Near valves and flanges
  • When a pipe changes direction (wherever elbows are used)
  • On both sides of ceiling, wall, or floor penetrations
  • At any line entry or re-entry point
  • Every 25′-50′ on straight pipe runs

Are Kolbi pipe markers right for my piping system?

Piping labels that use white markings on red backgrounds are reserved for piping systems that carry any water meant for fire sprinklers or fire-fighting. The Style D Kolbi labels will fit pipes with an outer diameter between 8″ and 10″.

Note that a pipe’s outside diameter is always larger than the pipe’s nominal size or “trade name.” The outer diameter of a pipe may be a quarter-inch, half-inch, or three-quarters of an inch larger than the nominal size (or larger, if insulating materials are installed on the pipe’s exterior).

After the label is applied, the piping system cannot drop below -40F (4C) or rise above 180F (82C), or the labels may fall off. During application, the piping system must be clean and dry, and cannot measure above 50F (10C).

Other styles available include:

How do I apply these decals to my pipe?

The Self-Adhesive “SPRINKLER WATER” Decals use a reliable adhesive material. Follow these steps to stick these Kolbi pipe markers on a fire sprinkler pipe:

  1. Be sure that the surface of the pipe is clean, dry, and measures at or above 50F (10C) before applying the label.
  2. Determine the normal point of approach—the angle the decals will likely be viewed from
  3. Remove the back film.
  4. Place the decal over the pipe and rub until you are confident it is securely attached.
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