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5″ (127mm) Confined Space Elbow | 1/2″ Pendent Fire Sprinklers | SprinkFLEX Flexible Drops

This 5" (127 mm) stainless steel elbow bends a full 90 degrees, connecting a pendent fire sprinkler to a SprinkFLEX flexible sprinkler drop. Designed for quick and accurate positioning of 1/2″ NPT heads in confined spaces or around obstructions.
SKU Material Length
FDCSE5 Stainless Steel 5″ (127mm)
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1/2″ NPT Pendent Heads 125SFOLET Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

SprinkFLEX 5" (127mm) Confined Space 90-Degree Elbow

SprinkFLEX 90-Degree elbow is designed for installers placing non-concealed pendent fire sprinklers in confined spaces or areas with immovable obstructions. Simply install the stainless steel elbow to a SprinkFLEX flexible fire sprinkler drop assembly, and attach a head with 1/2" NPT threads. SprinkFLEX products are manufactured by Anvil International, a North American manufacturer of piping system products. QRFS offers a full selection of SprinkFLEX drop assemblies designed for use in NFPA 13-compliant fire sprinkler systems. This 5" confined space elbow for pendent sprinkler heads is made to:

  • Facilitate swift, easy, and accurate positioning and installation of fire sprinkler heads
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Pair with flexible drop assemblies to reduce sprinkler systems' vulnerability to seismic events
  • Eliminate the need for additional clearance around fire sprinkler heads in buildings vulnerable to earthquakes

How should this 5" fire sprinkler elbow be used?

This stainless steel elbow is designed for use with SprinkFLEX flexible sprinkler drops. Pairing this 5" confined space elbow with a UL-listed, FM-approved SprinkFLEX assembly allows installers to precisely and safely position a 1/2" NPT fire sprinkler head. This 5" long elbow is recommended for use with non-concealed pendent sprinkler heads only. To install 1/2" NPT concealed pendent fire sprinklers, view our 3" confined space elbow. These elbows and drop assemblies may be installed accordance with NFPA 13, the product's listings, and the requirements of your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

How do I install this 90-degree steel pipe elbow?

To install this 5" long, 90-degree fire sprinkler elbow:

  • Remove the sprinkler-threaded end of an existing SprinkFLEX drop
  • Connect the NPT-threaded end of the confined space elbow to the drop
  • Attach the NPT-threaded end of the drop to fire sprinkler piping
  • Screw the sprinkler head to the threaded end in accordance with the sprinkler manufacturer's instructions

SprinkFLEX® is a registered trademark of SprinkFLEX, LLC and Anvil International.

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