A common concern when replacing ceiling tile or drywall around an existing fire sprinkler drop is what happens when the sprinkler's canopy or escutcheon does not entirely cover the hole. An open hole around a fire sprinkler is both unsightly and in rare cases unsafe as particles from the attic or upper floor can fall down into the sprinkler-protected room. Both ceiling tile and drywall are expensive so it is impractical to replace entire ceiling areas in the case of a mistake.

Solution: Kydex Rings

Kydex Rings are used to correct mis-cut or over sized holes or as backing material behind sprinkler canopies. The Kydex Ring, which measures 4" on the exterior diameter, is especially useful because it allows the sprinkler system to remain intact while replacing ceiling tile. No longer does a ceiling replacement require the sprinkler system to be shut down for any period of time.

To install a Kydex Ring during a new fire sprinkler system install, simply slip the Kydex Ring over the sprinkler canopy prior to placement of the final escutcheon. The ring will be held in place when the sprinkler canopy has been adjusted to fit snugly against the ceiling. For existing sprinkler drops, twist the ring to expose the precut slit from outside to inside diameter and gently place behind the sprinkler canopy.

Kydex Rings from QRFS are an inexpensive solution. Starting at just $2/unit, you can easily fix over sized holes fast. With volume discounts dropping the price to $0.60/unit or less, you can cost-effectively equip your team with an abundant supply.

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