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September 2013

  1. #23 - Accounts Payable: Why Successful Companies Pay Their Bills On Time

    Does your company pay its bills on time? How you manage accounts payable speaks volumes about your company and its character, ethics, and credit-worthiness. Learn more and get some accounts payable tips in today's blog.
  2. #22 - Timeline of a Fire: Can You Get Your Family Out in 3 Minutes or Less?

    A fire becomes deadly incredibly fast. Within minutes your home or business can be engulfed in flames and filled with toxic smoke. The chances for survival diminish quickly. Walk through a typical fire scenario and learn about flashover and fire department response times in this week's blog.
  3. #21 - Useful Life of Fire Hose: Is It Time To Replace?

    Identifying the useful life of fire hose requires navigating OSHA and NFPA guidelines and ultimately determining what is best for your business or department. This blog points you in the right direction.

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