June 2016

  1. #52 - FDC Plugs: What they are and how to install one

    FDC plugs ensure the effectiveness of a building's fire department connection by preventing foreign material from entering and clogging waterways.
  2. #51 - What is a Hydrant Pressure Test?

    #51 - What is a Hydrant Pressure Test?
    Hydrant pressure tests ensure that a city's water supply and fire hydrants are in working condition and up to code. They determine the pressure and rate of flow at any point in a city's water distribution system. Learn about the test and how it is conducted.
  3. #50 - Use a Pilot Clamp in 6 Easy Steps

    Pilot clamps make pipe-fitting in the field much easier. They fasten to any cylindrical pipe using a clamp head, and provide accurate drilling through their hole saw guiding system.
  4. #49 - What is a Pilot Clamp?

    The pilot clamp guarantees consistent pipe-fitting for adjustments or spontaneous fixes on pipe systems out in the field. It fastens to any cylindrical pipe using a clamp head and provides users with maximum leverage for accurate positioning.
  5. #48 - How to Replace Fire Sprinkler Escutcheons Using Retrofit Escutcheons

    Fire sprinkler escutcheons provide fire sprinkler heads aesthetic appeal, and help the ceiling resist the passage of heat. They are commonly found in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and even residential homes.

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