July 2016

  1. #56 - Fire Alarm Bell Mounting Height

    The fire alarm bell has been around forever; it's been saving lives and irking building occupants with inconvenient drills since 1852.
  2. #55 - Introduction to Standpipe Systems and Angle Hose Valves

    Angle hose valves give firefighters access to the standpipe system's supply of water, which they carry from the ground level FDC.
  3. #54 - What is a Siamese Connection?

    #54 - What is a Siamese Connection?
    The Siamese Fire Department Connection (FDC) features two female inlets and plays an essential role in providing supplemental water to sprinkler and standpipe systems.
  4. #53 - The Role and Components of Fire Department Connections

    The fire department connection (FDC) is the access point for a building's sprinkler system to receive supplemental water from fire engines, which initially draws from fire hydrants on-site.

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