Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying Fire Hose from QRFS


Quick Response Fire Supply, LLC, is a premiere distributor of Superior Fire Hose for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications.  Yet a question we often receive is why choose QRFS, and more specifically Superior fire hose, over our main competitors - American Fire Hose and Cabinet, JME Ellsworth, FireEquip, Chinese imported hose, or countless others. 

As always, I'm humble and will start with our disadvantages:

  • In most instances (besides rack and reel hose), we do not stock fire hose. The reason for it is simple: most regulations require the fire hose to be date stamped within a set period of time. While we sell a LOT of fire hose, we sell everything from 1 1/2" mill hose up to 5" supply line hose and in no particular order. So to ensure you receive hose that is date stamped on or near the day you buy it, we send all orders to the manufacturer. On average, our hose ships in 7-10 business days. 
The advantages of Superior Fire Hose:
  • Superior's Jackets consist of both staple and filament polyester that are combined in both warp and weft direction for Superior strength. The staple polyester  is distributed evenly around the circumference complimented by the filament polyester that is in the hoop of the jacket for excellent pressure containment. 
  • Superior's  EDPM liner has excellent resistance to ozone, heat and weathering. All liners are extruded in Superior's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and double checked by Superior's Quality Control Dept. This assures thickness to the thousands of an inch. Superior's EDPM liner is specially formulated to give more than double the jacket adhesion than required by the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Superior's optional Steadfast Coating is an environmentally safe coating that enhances the hose with additional abrasion resistance and excellent water repellency. Superior's Steadfast Coating is specially formulated with polymers and binders that are extremely elastic and do not take away from the natural flexibility of the hose.
  • Superior's Single and Double Jacket Fire Hose with Steadfast Coating is truly Superior to all other brands. It offers the best abrasion resistance, takes up the least amount of space in a hose bed, maintains it's brilliant color, and stays softer longer than the competition.
  • Since all processes of Superior's manufacturing is done in house, they are able to produce the best fire hose on the market at the most competitive price. 
  • In addition, all Superior Fire Hose is Factory Mutual (FM) approved.  Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listing is available but not standard. 

The advantages of QRFS:

Most of our customers buy low-quantity orders of fire hose. But that doesn't mean we have the right to gouge them!  Let's look at an example:


1 1/2" Single Jacket 250 PSI (50')
Aluminum Couplings
1 1/2" Double Jacket 400 PSI
Aluminum Couplings
JME Ellsworth $88.75 $122.08
Fire Hose Direct $87.80 $113.15
American Fire Hose & Cabinet $88.88 $121.67
QRFS $78.95 $100.95

I could keep going but I think you get the point. We offer the same (JME/American Fire Hose) brand fire hose at significantly better prices. Why order from anywhere else?

But that's not all. We offer fire departments and large hose buyers significant discounts when they buy in bulk. This can be on a one-off basis or, with an approved fire department, fire sprinkler contractor, or large commercial buyer account, the discounted prices can be shown right on the site - check out like normal! Contact us to get more information.

Other advantages of QRFS:

Quick Response Fire Supply offers a full line of Superior Single Jacket and Double Jacket Fire Hose including 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3” and 4” (varies by working water pressure) and in 50 foot, 75 foot, and 100 foot lengths. QRFS offers brass, aluminum, and storz couplings.


In addition, we carry all the necessary accessories like Brass Nozzles, Durable Lexan Plastic Nozzles, Fire Hose Reels, Fire Hose Pinracks, and Fire Hose Outdoor Storage Cabinets.   

Superior Fire Hose can be used in various industries from oil production to restaurants.  What doesn't change is Quick Response Fire Supply’s excellent pricing and phenomenal customer service. 

As always, reach out with any questions by calling toll-free 888.361.6662 or through email by clicking here.