Fire sprinklers save lives.


Nothing excites us more at QRFS than to share a good fire sprinkler success story. Not only is it crucial in spreading the message about the life-saving power of fire sprinklers, it’s also heartwarming to know a product we sell every day saves countless lives and valued personal possessions. Today I want to share the top five fire sprinkler success stories I've read over the last month. Of course, there are numerous additional examples and I highly encourage you to leave your favorites in the comments below. So without further delay…

#5 – Advance Valve Technologies. Elk Grove Village, IL. 
Close to the end of the work day, a fire erupted in the Advance Valve Technologies' paint room. Employees wielding dry chemical extinguishers from a nearby extinguisher cabinet and a properly functioning fire sprinkler system quickly extinguished the fire. Damages were limited to the paint room and nobody was hurt. In a manufacturing facility with dozens of employees, this fire could have quickly got out of hand resulting in numerous injuries and significant property damage. Thanks to the fire sprinkler system and a well trained staff, the company was back in business the next day.
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#4 – Residence Inn. Pittsburgh, PA 
When we stay at a hotel we expect clean linens, helpful staff, and a well-stocked mini-fridge. However, we often fail to consider whether the property is protected by a fire sprinkler system. That is, until it becomes a necessity. On February 9th, a fire broke out in a fifth floor room at the Residence Inn in the Upper Hill District of Pittsburgh. The devastation could have been severe – the hotel has 174 rooms spread across 10 stories. Yet the fire sprinkler reacted so fast that by the time the fire department arrived, the fire was already out. No injuries were reported and damage was limited to one room.
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#3 – Town Center Station Apartments. Clackamas, OR.
10:22 PM, February, 8th – two-alarm fire reported to 9-1-1 operators in a three-story apartment building west of Happy Valley, Oregon, sending Clackamas Fire District 1 fire fighters armed with fire hose to the scene. Luckily, upon arrival they find heavy smoke but no injuries and, more importantly, no flames after a resident accidentally started the stove with combustibles sitting on top. According to Brandon Paxton, Clackamas Fire Department spokesman, “The key here was early detection. The sprinkler system, already in place, did its job.”
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 #2 – Tucson Single Family Home. Tucson, AZ. 
 Fire does not discriminate. It does not wait until you’re home, fingers on the phone waiting to dial 9-1-1. A Tucson family learned this lesson the hard way. Upon returning from a Saturday afternoon out they found smoke billowing from their home. After dialing emergency services, they realized their ever-present fire sprinkler system had already extinguished the fire. Tracy Koslowsi with Drexel Heights Fire said, “the family could have found their home in flames, had they not had a fire sprinkler system.”
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 #1 – Winterborn Lane Apartments. Salisbury, MD.
My favorite, and by far the most inspirational, story from the past month hails from the small town of Salisbury, MD. A four-year-old, who mysteriously had access to matches, thought playing with fire on Saturday morning, February 9th, was a splendid idea. Much to the child’s dismay, the matches caught fire to a nearby bed. Working smoke alarms notified the parents who were able to quickly escape with the child and notify neighbors. However, the real hero in this story is the single – that’s right, one – fire sprinkler in the child’s bedroom. It extinguished the fire quickly, limiting damage to only the bedroom.
“This is yet another example of the effectiveness of automatic fire sprinklers in residential occupancies. The presence of not only sprinklers but working smoke alarms and a home escape plan undoubtedly prevented a more tragic outcome” stated William E. Barnard, Maryland State Fire Marshal.
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