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Bolt Breaker | Remove Concrete Anchors, Rebar, & Rod Without Heat

Remove concrete anchors in record time with Bolt Breaker: the heatless bolt removal tool. Designed to snap off anchor bolts, rebar, and all-thread rod below the surface for easy patching. Available in three lengths for use in crawlspaces, toolbox storage, or maximum leverage. Ships same day!
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Bolt Breaker: The Tool That Removes Bolts & Concrete Anchors Without Heat

  • Designed to snap bolts off below floor level for quick patching
  • Relies on mechanical force—no grinders, drills, or hot work permits needed
  • Includes two tips sized to fit the most common bolts, anchors, and fasteners
  • Multiple sizes available for use in confined spaces or where additional leverage is needed
  • Ships same day, with next day delivery available through UPS Next Day Air and FedEx Priority Overnight
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How does this bolt remover work?

Ditch your angle grinder with Bolt Breaker: the bolt removal tool that instantly leaves surfaces ready for patching. From the hardest concrete anchors to all-thread rod, Bolt Breaker's unique design allows for a clean, spark-free break in a fraction of the time.

This bolt remover ships with two carbon-steel tips designed to fit 3/8" and 1/2" fasteners to 100/1000th of an inch. These interchangable tips are available in a variety of sizes, including 1/4", 5/8", and 3/4". To use the Bolt Breaker, simply:

  • Match your tip to the rod, rebar, anchor, or bolt
  • Slide the end of the Bolt Breaker over
  • Rock back and forth one time
  • Rotate in the tool in wide circles until the fastener snaps off

The cone-shaped tips dig in at the lowest point possible, heating and weakening molecules within the fastener. Unlike electric grinders and saws, this bolt removal tool generates no sparks—meaning there's no need for hot work permits.

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Which bolts, anchors, or fasteners can be removed with this tool?

Bolt breaker is not recommended for use with epoxied anchors. Otherwise: the harder the bolt, the cleaner the break. This bolt remover can tackle low-carbon, medium carbon, and medium carbon alloy steel anchors or rod up to SAE Grade 8 carbon-alloy steel. Use it to remove:

  • Wedge concrete anchors
  • Sleeve anchors
  • Strike anchors
  • All-thread rod
  • Rebar
  • Other surface-embedded bolts

Bolt Breaker's body consists of a hollow steel tube that can slide over full-length rods and protruding nubs. However, each tip is designed to remove only specific bolt sizes. For larger bolts, add a 5/8" or 3/4" tip by special order.

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Which size do I need?

This bolt remover is available in three sizes: mini (20" long), standard (25" long), and large (44" long).

  • For pallet racking, demolition, and construction work: the large Bolt Breaker offers maximum leverage and easy handling. Those factors make it the best choice when working with 5/8" or 3/4" bolts/tips.
  • For road sign removal and applications where portability is key: the standard-length bolt remover offers a mix of leverage and portability—and is small enough to fit in many toolboxes.
  • For confined spaces, crawlspaces, and sub-surface areas in office buildings, laboratories, and more: choose the "mini"—our most compact bolt removal tool.

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QRFS Part Number Availability Ships From
BOLTBREAKER Ships Same Day Virginia
Shipping Weight
4 lbs. (Mini), 5 lbs. (Standard), or 7.5 lbs. (Long)



Length Max Diameter
20" (Mini), 25" (Standard), or 44" (Long) 1-3/4"


More Features

Included Tips Compatible Fasteners
3/8" and 1/2" Rebar, All-Thread Rod, Wedge Anchors, Strike Anchors, and Sleeve Anchors


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