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Extra-Long Ultra-Thin Blade for Pitot Gauge Kit | Straight

Extra-Long Ultra-Thin Blade brings added convenience to flow tests of fire hydrants and fire pumps. This 5" (127 mm) blade provides added ease during tests involving larger pipes, shoulders, or flanges, and is machined to a thinner profile for decreased resistance. Secured to a pitot tube with 1/4" NPT (6.35 mm) thread connection.
SKUConstructionLengthThread Connection
113PBL Machined Ultra-Thin Metal with Stainless Tubing 5" (127 mm) 1/4" (6.35 mm)
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Product Description

Extra-Long Ultra-Thin Blade for pitot gauge kits is constructed from lightweight, ultra-thin metal for flow tests of water-based systems and fire protection equipment. These straight blades are machined down to a thinner profile, lowering resistance for ease of use with high-pressure water sources. At 5" (127 mm) long, this blade's extended length comes in handy when working with large pipes, shoulders, or flanges.

The stainless steel tube inside each Extra-Long Ultra-Thin Blade directs water toward a pressure gauge, providing pressure readings that convert to gallons per minute (GPM) using a pitot gauge theoretical discharge conversion table. The hooked and and extended length on this blade helps users keep their distance from high-pressure flows, all while maintaining the right angle and grip necessary for quick and effective flow testing.

The ease of use and added safety of this blade makes it an excellent upgrade or replacement for pitot gauge kit blades used in flow tests of fire hydrants and fire pumps. Each Extra-Long, Ultra-Thin Blade features a standard 1/4" NPT (6.35 mm) thread connection, making it compatible with a wide range of pitot tubes.

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