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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Hammer | White

White Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Hammer is an injection-molded polypropylene plastic hammer designed to break scored acrylic panels. Features a ribbed grip and stainless steel tether cable.
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Part NumberColorMaterialUse
FCA10011W White Injection-Molded Polypropylene Plastic Breaks Scored Acrylic Fire Extinguisher Panels
Cato Part Number

Product Description

White Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Hammer breaks scored acryclic panels used with fire extinguisher cabinets. This white hammer is included with Cato's line of Chief Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, including their 5 lb extinguisher cabinet, 10 lb extinguisher cabinet, and 20 lb extinguisher cabinet.

This white extinguisher cabinet hammer is constructed from injection-molded polypropylene plastic and designed for flexible torsion with a ribbed grip surface. Secured to a cabinet using the included clear nylon-jacketed stainless steel mechanical cable.

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