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Glow-in-the-Dark Fire Hose Sign | White Arrow & Pictogram on Red | 16″ x 4″

Everlux’s L1112 self-illuminated fire hose sign clearly indicates the location of firefighting equipment. This 16″ x 4″ surface-mounted sign is coated with a photoluminescent pigment and combines an arrow, pictograph, and text.
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L1112VinylPhotoluminescent Pigment (White on Red)
DimensionsListings & Approvals
15-3/4″ x 3-15/16″ (400 mm x 100 mm)ASTM E2072
Everlux Part No.Availability
L1112Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Everlux Glow-in-the-Dark Fire Hose Arrow Sign

This White-on-Red Fire Hose Arrow sign guides a building’s occupants to the location of indoor fire hoses used with standpipe systems. These signs glow in the dark without electricity using photoluminescent white text and symbols on a vertical vinyl sign measuring approximately 16" x 4" (400 mm x 100 mm).

Each of these glow-in-the-dark fire hose arrow signs provides:

  • A minimum of 90 minutes’ illumination
  • A universal pictogram (symbol) of a fire hose
  • The text “fire hose”
  • One long vertical arrow designed for installation above the hose

Manufactured by Everlux, a world-renowned maker of safety signage, this glow-in-the-dark sign features a photoluminescent body, clear symbols, and high-contrast text. The pigment provides 90 minutes’ illumination after sufficient exposure to light in accordance with ASTM-E2072, ASTM International’s testing standard for photoluminescent markings.

How does this fire hose sign work?

Everlux’s white-on-red fire hose arrow sign glows after sufficient exposure to light. Note, however, that the “reliable light source” required by life safety codes typically can’t be natural lighting. Every photoluminescent sign needs illumination from an external charging light to glow in accordance with their standards or listings.

This sign will provide a minimum of 5.5 millicandelas per square meter (mcd/m²) when charged. Each sign can fully charge in 60 minutes when provided with a light source delivering:

  • 11 lux (or 1 footcandle) of light
  • A cool white source color (4000K)

These required levels of light may be provided by fluorescent and LED lights with a cool white color temperature. These lights are bright and typically reserved for indoor walkways and workspaces. Other types of lighting—even very bright incandescent (traditional) bulbs or neon signs—shouldn’t be used as external charging lights.

Where and how should I install this fire hose arrow?

This single-sided, low-maintenance Everlux white-on-red fire hose arrow sign is designed for surface mounting on a wall. With this standalone sign, installers can either:

  • Place heavy-duty, double-sided sign tape (or a similar adhesive) on the back of the sign
  • Use drywall screws or other sign-mounting hardware, mounting along the sign’s border as needed
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