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Adjustable Hydrant & Spanner Wrench | Heavy-Duty

Lightweight Aluminum Universal Spanner Wrench weighs just over 5 pounds and loosens pentagonal fire hydrant nuts, square fire hydrant nuts, and pin lug couplings with durable aluminum.
Part NumberFinishWeightLength
01AHWZinc Plated SteelApproximately 5 lbs.Approximately 20" (508 mm)
Usually ships within 48 hours

Product Description

Heavy-Duty Hydrant and Spanner Combination Wrench turns counterclockwise to loosen pentagon and square fire hydrant nuts, and features a spanner for pin lug and sensible (rocker) lug couplings. This wrench weighs just over 5 lbs. and is approximately 20" (508 mm) long.

To use, simply place the wrench on the discharge outlet and turn counterclockwise to remove fittings. After inserting the fire hose adapter into the fire hydrant or fire department connection, attach the wrench and turn clockwise to tighten.

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