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Loos & Co. #0-3-SBHS-R Hand Swager

Loos & Co.’s Locoloc Hand Swager is built for small, compact sleeves that measure at 3/32″ (2mm) made of copper and aluminum. It is lightweight and durable, with a ratchet mechanism that will not release until the swage is complete. Every Locoloc cable swaging tool comes complete with a “Go/No-Go” gauge.
SKU Construction Length
03SBHS Red Rubber Handles 12″ (304mm)
Locoloc Part No. Compatible Wire Availability
#0-3-SBHS-R 3/32″ (2mm) – Copper & Aluminum, Gold (#GO3) Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Loos & Co. Hand Swager | #0-3-SBHS-R

Loos & Co.’s Locoloc #0-3-SBHS Hand Swager was built to be the most compact, handheld tool for swaging smaller aluminum and copper sleeves. Constructed in Switzerland, and complete with sturdy, rubber handles, this hand swaging tool includes a Locoloc “Go/No-Go” gauge to measure your after-swage diameter for accuracy. As long as the measurements are correct, the connection will be stronger than the cable itself – the cable will snap long before the connection falls apart.

The #0-3-SBHS Locoloc Swaging Tool is a mere 12″ (304mm) long and is built to compress copper and aluminum sleeves that measure at 3/32″ (2mm). The convenient, easily adjustable mechanism makes eye and lap sleeve splicing a breeze. Swaging will never be left incomplete or inaccurate, as the ratchet mechanism will not release itself until a swage is complete.

Will this hand swager work for me?

While Loos has a large collection of hand swagers with various sizes and specialties, the #0-3-SBHS hand swager is designed for copper and aluminum #GO3 cables that measure at 3/32″ (2mm). It is extremely important to use the correct tool and follow proper swaging instructions to ensure accurate cable connections that will exceed the breaking strength of the cable, as designed.

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Click here to view the manual for the Locoloc #0-3-SBHS-R Handswager

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