Loos Seismic Bracing Zinc Sleeves for Gold Cable | Box of 100


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This box of 100 zinc-plated oval sleeves connects Loos & Co. gold seismic bracing cable to itself. These are the only sleeves approved for use with Loos Gold cable.

When properly swaged (crimped), the cable connection will exceed the breaking strength of the cable itself.

Why should my fire sprinkler system include seismic bracing?

All seismic construction for fire sprinkler systems should be designed and completed by licensed professionals. Seismic support for pipes, especially sprinkler pipes, is critical for two reasons: 1) minimizing stress in piping, and 2) minimizing damaging forces in the event of an earthquake. This is accomplished with a careful balance of flexibility and rigidity in the piping that assures the piping will move with the building, instead of a direction that could cause significant damage to the piping, the building, or its occupants.

Will this sleeve work with my Loos seismic bracing cable?

These Loos & Co. sleeves are designed to be used with Loos and Co Gold cable.


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