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Reliable Model F2 Recessed Sprinkler Escutcheon | 1/2″ NPT | White

Reliable Model F2 White Recessed Escutcheon for 1/2″ Fire Sprinklers provides 1/2″ of vertical adjustment with a non-split assembly. Fits SINs featured on Reliable label number 89087518 as featured in our product table.
SKU Finish Compatible Sprinklers
RLF2WH50 White Select 1/2″ NPT Sprinklers From RASCO (Listed Below)
Outside Diameter Approvals & Listings Adjustment
2-7/8″ 1-7/8″ 1/2″ (13mm)
Approvals & Listings Availability
UL, FM, ULc, NYC, and EC When Installed with Compatible Sprinklers Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Reliable White Model F2 Recessed Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon for 1/2″ NPT Fire Sprinkler Heads

The Reliable F2 Recessed White Escutcheon installs with select 1/2″ NPT pendent sprinklers to provide a pleasant, smooth appearance and a low profile. This escutcheon pairs with Model F2 recessed sprinklers from Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company (RASCO) to offer as much as 1/2″ overall adjustment.

Reliable’s Model F2 escutcheon combines with recessed pendent fire sprinklers to form a listed assembly that can prevent smoke and high temperatures from bypassing the sprinkler head. This white assembly pushes up into the ceiling and may be installed only after shutting down the supply of water to sprinkler heads and, where necessary, removing the sprinklers to be fitted with this product.

Will this escutcheon fit my sprinkler system?

The #89087518 escutcheon is compatible with 1/2″ recessed pendent fire sprinklers that have the following sprinkler identification numbers (SINs):

  • R3111
  • R3113
  • R3115
  • R3117
  • R3131
  • R3133
  • R3135
  • R3137
  • R3511
  • R3513
  • R3516
  • R3531
  • R3533
  • R3612
  • R4842
  • R4862
  • R7216
  • R7618
  • RA0362
  • RA1311
  • RA1313
  • RA1314
  • RA1335
  • RA1411
  • RA1413
  • RA1414
  • RA1435
  • RA1564
  • RA2845
  • RA2865
  • RA3533
  • RA3593
  • RA3614
  • RA3634
  • RA5412
  • RA6212
  • RA6312
  • RA7216

The Reliable Model F2 Recessed Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon consists of a single metal piece designed to thread into the cup of the fire sprinkler head. Installing these escutcheons with the sprinklers listed above can ensure compliance with leading fire codes and local regulations, including provisions in NFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems.

What is an escutcheon?

A fire sprinkler escutcheon plate is a decorative cover that is ideal for creating a sleek design and ensuring the sprinkler head is in pristine working condition. The escutcheon fits in between the ceiling and the sprinkler head, covering any open gaps that might prevent the sprinkler from activating on time.

The Reliable Model F2 Recessed Escutcheon is available from QRFS in a white finish. Brass, chrome, and other colors may be available by special order at (888) 361-6662.

More Information
Escutcheon Type Recessed
Escutcheon Fits Sprinkler Connection Size 1/2"
Escutcheon Finish White
Escutcheon Retrofit No
Escutcheon Adjustable Yes
Escutcheon Adjustment 1/2"
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