Reliable (Rasco) G4 / G4A / G5 White Cover Plate Assembly 165F (74C)

Reliable (Rasco) White 165F (74C) Cover Plate Assembly for G4, G4A, & G5 Fire Sprinklers provides aesthetically-pleasing concealment to select Reliable concealed fire sprinklers with rated temperatures of 165F (74C) to 212F (100C).
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SKUReliable Part NumberCover Plate TemperatureFinish
RLG4WH165Not Available165F (74C)White
Fire Sprinkler TemperatureFire Sprinkler ModelsApprovals / ListingsAvailability
165F (74C) to 212F (100C) Fire SprinklersFor Reliable Model G4, G4A, & G5 Fire Sprinklers (See SINs Below)UL and cULusIn Stock

Product Description

Reliable (Rasco) White 165F (74C) Cover Plate Assembly for G4, G4A, & G5 Fire Sprinklers activates at 165F (74C) to facilitate timely activation of fire sprinkler heads with temperatures rated at 165F (74C) to 212F (100C).

Sprinkler Identification Numbers (SIN) for this Reliable (Rasco) White 165F (74C) Cover Plate Assembly for G4, G4A, & G5 Fire Sprinklers include:

  • AG5604
  • AG5654
  • R2111
  • R2112
  • R2113
  • R2115
  • R2118
  • R2211
  • R2212
  • R2213
  • R2215
  • R2218
  • R2511
  • R2512
  • R2513
  • R2518
  • R4441
  • R5411
  • R5412
  • R5413
  • R5415
  • R5418
  • R6115
  • R6118
  • R6215
  • R6218
  • R7146
  • RA0611
  • RA0612
  • RA0616
  • RA0914
  • RA2312
  • RA3211
  • RA3216
  • RA3411
  • RA3413
  • RA3415
  • RA3415
  • RA5114

This Reliable (Rasco) White 165F (74C) Cover Plate Assembly for G4, G4A, & G5 Fire Sprinklers is listed by UL and cULus. When this white fire sprinkler cover plate reaches a specified temperature the solder holding the plate's decorative exterior on the frame melts, and the two separate. Cover plates in stock finishes other than white are available on our site, and custom-finished may be available by special order - call us at 888-361-6662 or click here to contact us.

For many cover plates, the rated temperature is at least 20F (6.7C) cooler than the sprinkler head's activation temperature, which ensures that the cover plate detaches early enough to allow the sprinkler to activate on time. However, each manufacturer's product line varies slightly and cover plate temperatures may be closer to or further away from the fire sprinkler's activation temperature. Use only the cover plate approved by the manufacturer for your specific sprinkler.

Fire Sprinkler Helpful Tips:

Tip 1: When replacing cover plates it is important to purchase replacements from the same manufacturer as the fire sprinkler. Each manufacturer's plate is a little different in size, color, and so on. The manufacturer and temperature of a cover plate is printed on the base of the plate. To view this information, remove the cover plate. Most cover plates are either twist off or pull off.

Tip 2: Any modifications or replacements to a fire sprinkler system should be performed by qualified professionals.

Tip 3: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines state that spare fire sprinkler heads and a wrench should be accessible at all times in a facility with a commercial fire sprinkler system installed. Often, state regulations also apply. Check with your local fire department.

Tip 4: All fire sprinkler systems should be visually inspected (often) and professionally inspected (annually).

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