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Seismic Bracing Cable | 418 lb. Load (Gold) | 250′ (76 m) Spool | Loos Seismic Bracing

This 250′ (76.2 m) spool of seismic bracing cable can support loads up to 418 pounds (190 kg). With a certified minimum break strength of more than 900 pounds, Loos & Company’s Gold Size 3 bracing wire is easy to cut, compliant with all major standards, and constructed with swaged end fittings to ensure a smooth and rounded finish. Proudly manufactured in the USA.
SKU Finish Spool Length
GO3CBL Gold 250′ (76.2 m)
Allowable Load Rating Cable Diameter Construction
From 418 lbs. at 90 Degrees to 209 pounds at 30-44 Degrees (Details Below) 0.09375″-0.10575″ (Approx 2.5 mm) Steel
Approvals & Listings Availability
UL, ICC-ES, IBC, FBC Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

250′ Spool of Size 3 Loos & Co. Seismic Bracing Cable (418 lbs. Maximum Allowable Load)

This 250′ spool of Loos & Co. seismic bracing cable can support loads from 209 to 418 pounds, giving contractors a cost-effective way to satisfy NFPA 13’s standards for earthquake-resistant hanging of fire sprinkler system piping. Seismic cable bracing secures fire sprinkler pipes within a building, keeping piping intact and operational during earthquakes. Manufactured by Connecticut’s Loos & Co, this hanging wire is perfect for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and a slew of other industrial applications.

49 wires form a cable capable of supporting as much as 418 lbs in seismic bracing applications. All 250 feet of this gold cable is pre-stretched and easy-to-install. It is break-strength certified and third-party tested to verify its ability to maintain nominal breaking strength and its compliance with NFPA 13, the International Building Code (IBC), the ASCE 19 and ASCE 7. The cable is constructed using swaged end fittings to ensure a smooth and round finish and is also listed as FBC™ System Compatible with FlowGuard, BlazeMaster, and Corzan products from Lubrizol. 

How does seismic bracing cable work?

Seismic assemblies aim to minimize the stresses and damage that occur during seismic activity. Seismic bracing cables provide flexibility where the building might move and rigidity where the building is expected to stay still. This will allow the building and the piping to move together, and avoid damage to the structure as a whole.

It is vital that seismic braces are laid out with care and extreme attention to the anticipated behavior of the building during seismic activity.

Where can I use this seismic bracing cable?

This 250-foot spool of gold size 3 bracing cable is designed to support specific weights at given angles, with allowable loads including:

  • 30-44 Degrees: 209 lbs. Allowable Load
  • 45-59 Degrees: 296 lbs. Allowable Load
  • 60-90 Degrees: 362 lbs. Allowable Load
  • 90 Degree Brace Angle w/Safety Factor of 2.2 (UL): 418 lbs. Allowable Load

Seismic bracing cable should be installed by a licensed professional. Applications for this cable include:

  • Securing fire sprinkler and standpipe piping
  • Supporting conduit and electrical and telecommunications equipment
  • Hanging plumbing and ductwork
  • Suspending equipment and architectural features

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FBC™, FlowGuard®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® are licensed trademarks of the Lubrizol Corporation.

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