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Tyco Horizontal Sidewall Cover Plate | White | 139F | 56-396-4-135

Tyco’s White Horizontal Sidewall Cover Plate is an aesthetically pleasing, perfectly concealed cover plate that activates at 139F (59C), and is ideal for use in architecturally sensitive areas.
SKUTyco Part No.Tempertature Rating
TYCHECWH56-396-4-135139F (59C)
FinishCompatible Fire SprinklerFire Sprinkler Temperature
WhiteTyco CHEC Concealed HSW Sprinklers (See SINs Below)155F (68C)
Approvals & ListingsAvailability
UL, cUL, NYCUsually Ships Within 48 Hours

Tyco Horizontal Sidewall Cover Plate | White | 139F

Tyco Horizontal Sidewall Cover Plate is a rapid-repsonse cover built to increase the aesthetic appeal while reducing the probability of objects being hung from the sprinkler when installed flush with the wall or beam over top of select Tyco HSW sprinkler heads. Model 56-396-4-135 is available in a white finish, and is compatible with CHEC Model, 8.0 K Factor Concealed Horizontal Extended Coverage Sidewall Sprinkler; the specific models are listed below.

This cover plate activates at a temperature of 139F (59C), about 20F (6.7C) cooler than the activation temperature of the compatible sprinkler head. This ensures that the cover plate will detach early enough to allow the sprinkler head to activate on time. However, each manufacturer’s line varies slightly and cover plate temperatures may be closer to or further away from the fire sprinkler’s activation temperature. For this reason, and many others, it is vital to purchase fire sprinkler cover plates from the same manufacturer as the sprinkler head to ensure proper working order.

Will this fire sprinkler cover plate fit my sprinkler head?

Sprinkler Identification Numbers (SIN) that are compatible with this Tyco Horizontal Sidewall Cover Plate include:

  • TY4332

When installed properly, there should be a slight nominal air gap (3/32″ (2.4mm)) between the cover plate and the wall to allow heat flow from a fire to pass below and above the cover plate. This will assure the appropriate release of the cover plate in case of a fire.

Cover plates should never be painted – the chemical properties of paint will tamper with the activation temperature of the fire sprinkler cover plate, and possibly render it unreliable. This could impede the cover plate’s ability to detach, preventing the fire sprinkler head from activating. All modifications or replacements should be performed by a qualified professional. Do not attempt to conduct your own modifications or replacements, as the slightest contact with the fire sprinkler’s heat-sensitive trigger can activate the sprinkler system. When replacing or modifying a cover plate, it is important to purchase all products and tools from the same manufacturer as the fire sprinkler itself. To find this information simply remove the current cover plate, and you should find the manufacturer and temperature rating printed on the base of the sprinkler head.

Cover plates in other stock finishes, sizes, and styles are available on our site, and custom-finished plates may be available by special order. Click here to contact us, or call at +1 (888) 361-6662.

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