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Victaulic Fire Sprinkler 8.0K Brass Upright QR 155F | V3402

Victaulic V3402 Quick Response Brass Upright Fire Sprinkler activates at 155F (68C) to defend ordinary hazard commercial occupancies against fire. This UL & FM approved fire sprinkler features a 8.0K orifice and a 3/4" (20 mm) NPT connection.
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Part NumberConstructionConnectionOrifice
V3402BR155Brass Finish, Die-Cast Brass Frame, And Bronze Deflector3/4" (20 mm) NPT8.0K
Temperature RatingMaximum Working PressureApprovals and ListingsAvailability
155F (68C)175 PSI (12.1 BAR)UL, FM, NYC/MEA (#62-99-E), CSFM (#7690-0531:112), VdS, CE, LPCBIn Stock

Product Description

Victaulic V3402 Quick Response Brass Upright Fire Sprinkler delivers reliable and easily-installed protection against fire in ordinary hazard commercial occupancies such as universities, auditoriums, churches, and parking garages. Using a heat-activated 3mm glass bulb, this automatic fire sprinkler activates when the surrounding air reaches 155F (68C), lowering ambient temperatures to reduce flashover and facilitating safe escape or rescue.

The Victaulic Model V3402 has a 8.0 K-Factor and installs with 3/4" (20 mm) National Pipe Thread (NPT), used in fire sprinkler systems throughout the United States. This Quick Response Fire Sprinkler features a brass finish, die-cast brass frame, bronze load screw, bronze deflector, and a beryllium nickel spring with PTFE-taped seal. The frame is cast with a hex-shaped wrench boss to make installation and tightening from many angles easy.

This 155F (68C) temperature rating strikes a balance between a fire sprinkler that activates too soon, causing accidental discharge, and too late. 155F (68C) Quick Response Fire Sprinklers are preferred for use in theaters, restaurants, and other gathering spaces where human safety is the first priority. The Victaulic Model V3402 is also perfect for use in animal shelters, agricultural and food processing facilities, and fairgrounds.

With a maximum working pressure of 175 PSI (12.1 BAR), this upright sprinkler limits debris and ice buildup by installing vertically and may be installed and used in accordance with NFPA 13 and local fire code. Each Model V3402 sprinkler is made by Victaulic, a piping-industry manufacturer and trusted producer of fire protection products since 1919.

This product is UL & FM approved for use in fire protection systems when accepted by the authority having jurisdiction. In accordance with NFPA 13, a higher temperature rating may be required when installing a quick response fire sprinkler in or near heat sources, unventilated spaces, uncovered steam mains, or uninsulated rooftops.

Technical Documents

Click here to view the data sheet for the Victaulic V3402 Quick Response Brass Upright Fire Sprinkler.

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