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Viking Double-Ended Wrench | 14K & 16.8K ESFR Pendent Fire Sprinklers | 13635W/B

Expedite the installation or removal of 14K and 16.8K early-suppression, fast-response (ESFR) pendent heads with Viking’s 13635W/B Double-Ended Fire Sprinkler Wrench. Compatible with various 3/4″ and 1″ NPT heads (listed in this description).
SKU Construction Compatible Sprinkler Types
VKOESW6 Black-Finished Steel 14K and 16.K Viking Pendent Fire Sprinklers (Listed Below)
Viking Part Number Availability
13635W/B Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Viking Double-Ended Wrench for 14K & 16.8K ESFR Pendent Fire Sprinklers (13635W/B)

This open-ended sprinkler wrench features two ends that expedite the installation or removal of various Viking-brand 14K and 16.8K early suppression, fast-response (ESFR) fire sprinklers. The 13635W/B can safely grip the wrench flats of select 3/4″ and 1″ NPT sprinkler heads. Compatible types include these types:

  • FM-approved storage and non-storage
  • ESFR storage
  • Control mode specific application (CMSA)

The Viking Open-Ended Sprinkler Wrench for 14K and 16.8K Pendent Fire Sprinklers makes it easy to engage with sprinkler heads from multiple angles. Compatible sprinkler identification numbers (SINs) for the 13635W/B wrench include:

  • VK368
  • VK500
  • VK503
  • VK506
  • VK510
  • VK514
  • VK592
  • VK598

This wrench is suitable for use during the installation and removal of the 3/4″ and 1″ sprinklers listed above—and ideal for storage in the spare fire sprinkler cabinets required by NFPA 13.

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