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Water Hero P-100 | 1" (25.4 mm) Water Main | Remotely Monitor and Shut-Off Your Home's Water!

This whole home leak detection and automatic water shutoff system prevents expensive drips, leaks, and misuse of water. Water Hero offers text and e-mail alerts, custom water consumption thresholds, and smartphone control. This model is made to fit a 1" (25.4 mm) water main.
Part NumberContentsWater Main Size
WH10Main Board, Brass Water Meter, Solenoid Shut-Off Actuation Valve, Wall Adapter, RJ45 Cord, Union Couplings1" (25.4 mm)
Valve MaterialWater Meter Flow Rate RangeWater Meter Accuracy
Stainless Steel 304.25 GPM to 20 GPM+/- 1.5%

Product Description

Water Hero is the ultimate smart water monitoring & shutoff system! With minute-to-minute water consumption data collected, this whole home water leak detection system monitors for leaks, running toilets, or excessively long showers in real-time and can shut off your water system from your smartphone!

This WiFi water leak detector installs in any building with a 1" (25.4 mm) water main. Water Hero consists of a smart valve that monitors water flow and an app for your smartphone. Monitor water usage, set alarm and shut off thresholds, and even monitor the temperature of the pipes to avoid bursting - all from a mobile phone.

This remote leak detection and shutoff system ships standard with the following parts: Water meter, unions, cabling, stainless steel motorized ball valve, and Water Hero electronics. Complete installation requires cutting into the 1" water main and should only be performed by a licensed plumber or contractor. Requires an active WiFi connection to view tracked information.

Some of the Water Hero's main benefits:

Smartphone Control
The Water Hero is controlled by your smartphone, giving you the capability to quickly view alerts and make adjustments to your water system from miles away. This gives you the ability to shut off water use remotely when you exceed pre-set thresholds and track water use, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on your water bill.

Text & Email Alerts
When your Water Hero detects an unusual spike in water usage caused by a leak in the system or a running toilet, you receive a text and email alert to your phone immediately.

User Customization
When the Water Hero is installed, you have the ability to set all thresholds for water consumption, controlling the length of time water can flow through the system to limit your monthly use.

Temperature Monitoring
Water Hero also measures and monitors the water temperatures inside and outside of your pipes, warning you when the temperature may make your pipes susceptible to bursting.

Backup Battery
Your Water Hero continues to operate on a backup battery, protecting you and your home even during a power outage.

Real-Time and Historical Water Usage
The Water Hero tracks and stores your water usage so you can identify trends and limit your overall water consumption.

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