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Plastic Blade for Pitot Gauge Kit | Notched

Notched Plastic Blade is a durable plastic blade with stainless steel tubing. With a 1/4" NPT thread connection, this blade is made for use with a pitot gauge kit for flow tests at a hose nozzle, underwriter's playpipe, or anywhere else water flows.
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110NPB Plastic with Stainless Tubing 1/4" (6.35 mm) NPT Usually Ships Within 48 Hours

Product Description

Notched Plastic Blade for pitot gauge kits is constructed from durable plastic for flow tests of water-based systems and fire protection equipment. This lightweight blade threads to one end of a standard pitot tube with a 1/4" NPT (6.35 mm) thread connection for a secure fit. These notched blades are preferred when taking readings at a playpipe or hose nozzle and suitable for use in a wide variety of flow testing applications.

The hooked end on each Notched Plastic Blade helps users maintain a secure grip on open orifices during testing, including hydrant nozzles, hose valves, playpipes, and more. When used as part of a complete pitot gauge kit, the stainless steel tube inside each blade directs water toward a pressure gauge, providing pressure readings that convert to gallons per minute (GPM) using a pitot gauge theoretical discharge conversion table.

This Notched Plastic Blade is compatible with a range of pitot tubes and pitot gauge kits, making it an excellent upgrade or replacement for pitot tubes used by fire professionals.

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