Upright fire sprinklers protect spaces without finished ceilings or hard-to-access areas requiring unique water coverage due to obstructions. Upright sprinklers install in the upright position, pointing toward the ceiling but discharging water into a conical deflector that aims the flow below and around the sprinkler head in a circular pattern. They achieve the necessary coverage in crowded areas by spraying water around obstructions such as air ducts, beams, pipes, or machinery. While designers use most upright sprinklers in commercial and industrial settings, residential models are also available for homes with exposed pipes or specific design needs.

QRFS.com offers upright fire sprinklers in multiple temperatures, K-Factors, and thread sizes to meet approved system design requirements. Browse our selection below to find the perfect upright sprinkler for your building.

For more information on upright sprinklers, read Fire Sprinkler Head Types: Uprights, or call us at 888-361-6662.

Upright Sprinkler Heads