Concealed Pendents

Concealed fire sprinklers look great and are the most popular models in homes and apartments. But they aren’t just for residential settings — concealed fire sprinkler heads also control fires in hotels, schools, hospitals, and offices. Concealed pendents are installed in the ceiling and are completely covered by a heat-sensitive (and decorative) cover plate. This plate detaches at a temperature typically around 20 degrees lower than the fire sprinkler head’s activation temperature, exposing the sprinkler and allowing it to activate.

Cover plates must be approved and listed for a specific sprinkler — you can find the right match on QRFS’s product pages for concealed pendents and cover plates. Not only are covers available in multiple finishes to match your room’s look and feel, we offer listed concealed pendent sprinkler heads in various temperatures, K-Factors, and thread sizes to meet system design requirements. Browse our cover plates to find the right one for your concealed pendent sprinkler.

To learn more about cover plates, visit our blogs: What Temperature Fire Sprinkler Cover Plate Do I Need? and Install Sprinkler Head Cover Plates with the Proper Tools. If you have any questions or need help finding the right sprinkler or cover, call us at 888-361-6662.