Concealed Pendents

A concealed pendent sprinkler head blends reliable, effective fire protection with aesthetics, enhancing safety without compromising style. Concealed fire sprinklers look great and are the most popular models in homes and apartments. But they aren’t just for residential settings — concealed fire sprinkler heads also routinely protect hotels, schools, hospitals, and offices.

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Concealed Sprinkler Head Options for Apartment Buildings and Hotels

Property management can be an intense and complex job. You need to manage tenant requests, oversee maintenance, and handle any other concerns guests or tenants may have. Worrying about getting the right fire protection products shouldn’t add to this complexity — or take too much time and effort.

QRFS carries the perfect concealed fire sprinkler heads for apartment buildings and hotels while also offering an immense selection of cover plates to replace any that get damaged, are painted, or go missing. And we’ll help you ID the sprinklers and covers you need based on what the system needs.

Concealed Sprinkler Heads for Educational Facilities

Concealed fire sprinklers play a pivotal role in protecting educational facilities, from grammar schools to major universities. They offer a less obtrusive appearance than exposed sprinklers, which may help avoid accidents and tampering while presenting a pleasing aesthetic.

Concealed sprinklers look great and still react quickly to fires, ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and staff while minimizing potential property damage.

Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads for Healthcare Facilities

Patient well-being is paramount in hospitals and other medical settings, and many patients can't evacuate a building quickly—which is why fire sprinklers are mandated in most of these facilities. Concealed fire sprinkler heads are attractive fire protection devices that enhance the safety of patients, healthcare professionals, visitors, and structures.

They’re also easier to keep clean—a priority in healthcare—and are available with specialized cleanroom cover plates or gaskets to accomplish this aim in sterile or near-sterile environments.

Concealed Pendent Sprinkler Heads for Corporate Offices

In offices and other corporate environments, concealed fire sprinklers enhance a professional look. A concealed pendent sprinkler head unobtrusively integrates into the ceiling design, creating a business-friendly atmosphere.

Employees know their workplace is equipped to handle a fire, and business owners can maintain a polished office space while mitigating the risk of any accidental activations.

Concealed Fire Sprinkler Head Cover Plates

Concealed pendents are installed in a ceiling and completely covered by a heat-sensitive (and decorative) cover plate. This plate detaches at a temperature typically around 10-20 degrees lower than the fire sprinkler head’s activation temperature, exposing the sprinkler and allowing it to activate.

Cover plates must be approved and listed for a specific sprinkler—you can find the right match on QRFS’s product pages for concealed pendents and cover plates, or use the QRFS QuickFinder to identify what you need. Covers are available in multiple finishes to match your room's look and feel. And we offer listed concealed pendent sprinkler heads in various temperatures, K-Factors, and thread sizes to meet system design requirements.

Browse our cover plates to find the right model for your concealed pendent sprinkler, or use the QRFS QuickFinder. To learn more about covers, check out our articles: What Temperature Fire Sprinkler Cover Plate Do I Need? and Install Sprinkler Head Cover Plates with the Proper Tools.

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QRFS provides the most comprehensive inventory of fire protection supplies online. We offer fully transparent product pricing, fast delivery, and reliable quality. Our concealed fire sprinkler head collection includes top brands like Reliable, Senju, Tyco, Victaulic, and Viking.

To learn more about our concealed fire sprinkler heads and other options, check out our Guide to Head Types.

If you have any questions or need help finding the right concealed fire sprinkler head or cover, use our Quick Finder or call us at 888-361-6662. We’re dedicated to providing expert advice so you can choose the best concealed pendent sprinkler heads and covers for your project.

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