Residential fire sprinklers prioritize saving lives above everything else, providing critical time for people to escape a home fire. They are all fast-response sprinklers, meaning they go off quicker at their rated activation temperature than standard response heads. Residential sprinkler heads also spray water in a higher, circular pattern to wet walls, furniture, and other flammable items, lowering the ambient temperature and depriving a fire of fuel to slow its spread and prevent flashover. In this deadly situation, all surfaces in a room ignite at once. Flashover can happen in as little as two minutes, but residential fire sprinklers slow or prevent this reaction, giving occupants time to get out.

Residential fire sprinklers — often called home fire sprinkler heads or house fire sprinklers — are available in various types, including pendents, sidewalls, and concealed options, along with different finishes to blend in with your home’s design. You can find in-stock residential fire sprinklers to meet most project needs at

There are many factors to consider in finding the right residential fire sprinkler head for your needs. Visit our blog, How to Select Residential Sprinkler Heads, for information on choosing the right one for you — or call us at 888-361-6662.