If you’re shopping around for quality residential fire sprinkler heads, QRFS has you covered. Our vast inventory has an array of brands and styles suited for every home fire sprinkler system. Choose from the best manufacturers, including Reliable, Senju, Tyco, Victaulic, and Viking.

We carry various types of residential fire sprinkler heads, including uprights, pendents, sidewalls, and concealed options. If you’re not sure which sprinkler you need, contact us, and we will happily discuss your options.

Residential Fire Sprinkler System Heads

We Only Supply Listed Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

It’s become even more important to safeguard homes and loved ones from the devastating effects of fires as the risks have grown. Modern construction materials and home furnishings burn faster and hotter than in the past, meaning a small spark can swiftly turn into an uncontrollable blaze. Residential fire sprinkler systems serve as silent sentinels, standing ready to combat flames at their inception and giving people time to escape — frequently putting out blazes altogether. Residential fire sprinkler heads are an investment in proactive protection that can mean the difference between a minor incident and a disaster.

Our residential fire sprinkler heads are certified (UL-Listed and/or FM-Approved), code-compliant, and made by the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, making them the highest quality heads you can find for home systems.

Preventing Flashover

Residential sprinkler heads spray water in a high, circular pattern to wet walls, furniture, and other nearby flammable surfaces. This lowers the ambient temperature and deprives a fire of its fuel to slow its spread and prevent flashover. In this deadly situation, all surfaces in a room ignite at once. With modern building materials and synthetic furnishings, flashover can happen in as little as two minutes — but residential fire sprinklers slow or prevent this reaction, giving occupants time to get out.

Types of Residential Fire Sprinkler Heads We Provide

Need help choosing the right residential fire sprinkler head for your needs? Here are some of the basics:

  • Pendents: Pendent sprinkler heads are the most common orientation. They hang down from ceilings and spray water in an umbrella-shaped pattern to deliver powerful fire control when needed. As with other types, they're available in various finishes to complement your décor.
  • Sidewalls: Sidewall sprinkler heads project from walls in spaces with limited vertical clearance. They are also often used on upper floors to avoid placing water-filled pipes in freezing attics.
  • Concealed Options: For those who prioritize a seamless interior design, concealed fire sprinkler heads are the answer. Concealed pendents and sidewalls are tucked into ceilings or walls, hidden by a small, discreet cover plate until heat causes the cover to drop away and activates the sprinkler head. 
  • Uprights: Upright sprinkler heads project upward from the supply pipe but still spray downward. They are less common in homes but are typically used in spaces with exposed ceilings that require a unique water distribution pattern. Sidewalls provide optimal coverage in specific applications and where they make sense as part of the décor.
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Choosing the Right Fire Sprinkler Head for Homes

Selecting the appropriate residential fire sprinklers in a system involves carefully assessing the home's size, layout, aesthetics, and safety requirements. A system designer calculates how much water — pressure and flow — is required and how many sprinklers (and what types), spaced appropriately, are necessary to achieve that goal. These specs that follow NFPA installation standards determine the sprinkler heads you need.

At QRFS, we are committed to finding you the right fire sprinklers to meet your system’s specs. Our experts will collaborate with you to find the correct sprinkler head types, whether you're replacing what you have or need heads for a new system. The proper selections will keep you ready to handle fires while maintaining a home’s visual appeal.

Which Residential Fire Sprinkler Head Is Right for You?

Unsure of which residential fire sprinklers you need for your home? If you know the sprinkler identification number (SIN), our parts Quick Finder can identify exactly what you require for your fire sprinkler system. And if you don’t know the SIN, you can contact us, and we can help you figure it out!

Compromise is not an option when it comes to protecting people and homes, and safety and code compliance are our priorities. Choose QRFS for unparalleled quality and expertise in buying parts for residential fire sprinkler systems.

Contact QRFS for Expert Help with Residential Fire Sprinkler Heads

Home fire sprinkler heads are not just equipment; they are powerful guardians of people, property, and peace of mind. QRFS takes pride in offering a diverse range of effective sprinkler solutions for every residential application. Contact us now with questions about our products, including help finding and ordering suitable models.