Looking for fire sprinkler escutcheons for pendent and sidewall sprinklers? You’ve come to the right place. QRFS’s sprinkler head escutcheon collection includes listed escutcheons for Reliable, Senju, Tyco, Victaulic, and Viking sprinklers, plus adjustable models, split-ring retrofit options, and more.

Escutcheons serve two purposes: they make fire sprinkler installations look great and ensure proper sprinkler activation. How? Escutcheons, sometimes called sprinkler escutcheon plates or sprinkler escutcheon rings, cover the gap left between a fire sprinkler and the ceiling or wall after an installer cuts the hole that exposes the head. If this gap is left open, it doesn’t just look terrible — the sprinkler can’t perform correctly. Smoke and heat can escape through the opening, delaying the sprinkler’s temperature-sensitive activation.

Minutes count in a fire. And escutcheons not only look good but also ensure that sprinklers save lives and property on time. Check out our recessed, flat, and adjustable fire sprinkler escutcheon collection. If you're unsure what you need, read Which Fire Sprinkler Escutcheon Do I Need? or call us at 888-361-6662.